logo-FinalExtra curriculum activities of the university students are the integral part of the academics; they are required for personality development of the students. To carry out these activities “Eternal Youth Club” is proposed. The EYC encourages the extra co-curricular activities that enrich the cultural, physical and social life of the students. The main motive of the EYC is to nurture the talent of the university students and to inculcate leadership qualities in them. This club has been designed and nurtured by students, so their innovative ideas and suggestions are most welcome. The members of this club are Mr. Imran Sheikh (President), Ms. Gurpreet Kaur (Senior Vice-President), Ms. Taranjeet Kaur & Ms. Avinash Kaur ( Junior Vice-President), Ms. Daljeet Kaur (Secretary) and Mr. Abhishek Saxena (Joint-Treasurer).


  1. To promote academics by arranging scientific lectures by reputed scientists arranging scientific, general knowledge quizzes, celebration of National & International days, etc.
  2. To promote sport activities by arranging inter-college, inter-departmental indoor, outdoor games & fun games.
  3. To enrich cultural, physical & social life of students by arranging & organizing cultural activities; Talent Hunt, Youth Fest & Educational Tours.
  4. To nurture the talent of the university students & inculcate leadership qualities in them.
  5. To develop the management skills as well as personality developments of the students.