HAR-1In our endeavor to develop the placeability standards of our students, we at T&P Cell ensures the multifaceted development through diversified training. Workshops for enhancing the communication skills, group discussion techniques,soft skill refinement training,career diagnostic training,management skill enhancement training’s and aptitude/attitude training’s. To meet the challenges of present corporate scenario we applies a tailor made approach wherein one to one mentor ship is the key rule.The CDC invites numerous corporate professionals toHARAMOL-2 exchange the views and ideas so that the students approach of achieving bigger and better is activated and retained.We at Eternal University strongly believe that to create corporate and technical renaissance in the arena of development, we need to create unparallel talent in our institutions.Training is the nucleus of our philosophy and thus we are  bound to be of the apex quality.

Eternal University is recognized as a Microsoft certified IT academy (First in Himachal Pradesh) which provides Microsoft product trainings. Microsoft provides us required content (Microsoft E-library and MSDN under IT academy programme) and latest software for various trainings. On completion of the training students are provided hands on experience under Live projects such as Fiber optics network, deployment of Wi-Fi network, Virtualization and high availability of network services . In order to enhance the employment skills of the students, they are offered in-house training during semester breaks in following specialized fields under the guidance of certified trainers.

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 microsoft-it-academyMicrosoft IT Academy (ITA) program provides industry-leading technology skills to help bridge the skills gap. With the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program, academic institutions and their educators, students and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today’s technologically evolving world.The Microsoft IT Academy program prepares educators and students for industry-recognized certifications Technology is everywhere. There is a need to provide appropriate business software and technology skills necessary in everyday life…
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