• Envisioning Addiction free Society

    Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Addiction is like other diseases, such as heart disease. Both disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of the underlying organ, have serious harmful consequences, and are preventable & treatable. The influence of the home environment, especially during childhood, is a very important factor. Parents or the family members who abuse alcohol or drugs or who engage in criminal behavior, can increase children’s risks of developing their own drug problems.

    Why Addiction free society?

    So how do we build an addiction-free society? We certainly can’t accomplish it with legal means—all kinds of attempts at prohibition have repeatedly failed. On the other side of that equation, societies that have legalized or decriminalized the use of drugs and alcohol have not eliminated or reduced their crime rates. We can’t accomplish it with a “war on drugs,” either. The strategy focuses on reducing the supply of illegal drugs using interdiction, eradication and crop diversification. Even though we’ve spent billions. In fact, even when supply-side strategies have managed to temporarily reduce the flow of drugs, at places increasing scarcity makes the prices of the remaining drugs rise which incentivize even more drug smuggling and production by making it more profitable.


    The conference aims at bringing together Public Health experts and Scholars at national and International levels to share their knowledge experience, research findings & perceptions regarding   Drug Addiction , Tobacco chewing , Oral Cancers and Digital Addiction


    The theme of the International Public Health Consortium on addiction 2017 is “Envisioning Addiction free Society”


    1) Epidemiological Aspects of Addiction
    2) Overall view of Drug addiction in North India
    3) Digital Addiction
    4) Tobacco, Pan, Supari,Jarda chewing & Oral Cancers
    5) Drug Addiction & Consequences : Role of Psychosocial Factors
    6) Second hand Passive Smoking & health Hazards
    7) Holistic Management of Drug Addiction
    8) Alcohol Abuse
    9) Cannabis Addiction


    The organizing committee invites abstract of original research work related to the conference themes and sub themes. Authors are requested to send their research work in the form of abstract. The abstract is to be submitted online by email on: cphcon1@eternaluniversity.edu.in

    Instruction for abstract submission

    • Abstract must be submitted in English
    • Abstract title must be limited to 30 words
    • The body of the abstract (excluding title, Authors and their affiliations) should not exceed 300 words
    • No charts or graphic should be included in the abstract.
    • All abstracts accepted for oral/poster presentation will be published in the abstract Book
    • All abstracts should be submitted online by email.

    Guidelines for Poster Presentation: 

    1. Poster presentation

    Poster size -3ft wide and 4 ft high (36 in W × 48 in H) and Arial font is recommended with Size 24.
    The poster should have the following format:

    • Title
    • Names of authors
    • The presenter’s name should be formatted as bold and Underlined.
    • Institutional Affiliations of the authors
    • E mail of presenting authors
    • Main body should comprise Introduction, objectives, materials and method, results, discussion, conclusion and important references.


    1. E-poster

    Poster size – (slide of power point).
    The poster should have the following format:

    • Title
    • Names of authors
    • The presenter’s name should be formatted as bold and underlined.
    • Institutional Affiliations of the authors
    • E-mail of presenting authors
    • Main body should comprise Introduction, objectives, materials and method, results, discussion, conclusion and important references.
    • E-poster should be made in single page, landscape orientation with a pixel dimension of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. The font size should be sufficient enough to get an optimal, Readable display on a 42″ LED/LCD Screen
    • Windows compatible JPEG format files are only accepted with a maximum file size of 4 MB Avoid dark coloured backgrounds and fonts. Arial font is recommended.
    • The components of the E-poster are: Title, Names and affiliations of authors as one
    • Section and separate sections for Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusion.

    Mail the e-poster to cphcon1@eternaluniversity.edu.in positively before 20th Oct, 2017.
    You are also required to carry a backup copy of the e-poster during the scheduled presentation to avoid any data/digital error (s).

    Guidelines for Oral Presentation: 

    • The time for oral presentation is 10 minutes with 2 additional minutes for discussion.
    • The presentation should be prepared in power point format and to be mailed to the organizing secretary prior to the conference.
    • Arial font is recommended.

    Last date of submission of abstracts: 20/10/2017

    Intimation of selection of abstracts: 21/10/2017

    Only registered delegate will be allowed for oral or poster presentation.
    Best oral papers and poster will be awarded.

    All submissions should be mailed to cphcon1@eternaluniversity.edu.in


     Particulars & Date

    Last Date



    Early Bird 20-10-2017

    Rs. 1000/-


    Late registration 23-10-2017

    Rs. 1200


    On spot registration

    Rs. 1500


    Mode of Payment

    Payments are accepted through Online Mode or through Demand Draft Only.

    Online payment details

    Bank State Bank of India
    Beneficiary Eternal University
    Account Number 30957030400
    IFSC code SBIN0011784
    Branch Baru Sahib

    * Registration fees include food, accommodation and transportation from Solan at scheduled time


    His Holiness Baba Iqbal Singh Ji (Chancellor, Eternal University), (Retired Director, Agriculture, H.P.)


    • Dr. H.S. Dhaliwal, Vice Chancellor, Eternal University.
    • Dr. Neelam Kaur, Dean, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Eternal University.
    • Dr. Davinder Singh, Secretary, The Kalgidhar Trust & Registrar Eternal University.
    • Dr. Col. Rajinder Singh, Director De-Addiction Centres & Psychiatric Services.
    • Dr. M.S. Atwal, Founder Vice Chancellor , Eternal University.


    • Dr. H.S. Chauhan, Dean-cum Professor & Head,CPH & HA ,Eternal University, Baru Sahib.


    • Dr. N.L. Gupta


    • Dr. Gurjeet Kaur
    • Dr. Anurag Patti
    • Dr. Amit Kumar


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    Dr. NL Gupta Organizing Secretary drnlg.sml@gmail.com +919459814092
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