Eternal university believes participation in sports to be an integral part of a well-ordered Eternal Sports Clubprogram of liberal education and, therefore, encourages the widest possible participation in sports by individual members of the University community. The University is interested and committed to sponsoring and supporting Eternal University Sports Club since these activities traditionally have a large number of participants, contribute to the development of health and physical fitness, and have a definite carry-over value to later life.

Alongside competition and performance, the club sports program places a high level of emphasis on student initiative, organization, leadership, decision making and team management. Taken as a whole, these program elements allow participants to shape their own experience to a much greater level.

  • Management

    • Dr H.S. Dhaliwal-Chief Patron
    • Dr. B.S. Boparai-Patron
    • Dr. Pardeep Singh Cheema-Chairman
    • Dr. Jaswant Singh-Vice-Chairman

  • Working Committee

    1. Shivani Saini-Working Chairman
    2. Jasmeet Singh Working-Vice Chairman
    3. Paramjeet Singh-Chief Coordinator
    4. Ravinderjeet Singh-Chief Advisor
    5. Aman Yadav-President
    6. Gurpreet Kaur-Vice President
    7. Navdeep Sharma and Navneet Kaur-Secretory
    8. Robinsh Kamboj and Jasvir Kaur-Joint Secretory
    9. Alok Somvanshi and Anmol Kaur-Coordinator
    10. Amit Sharma and Kulbeer Kaur-Joint-coordinator
    11. Rajinder Singh(Accounts),Arun Verma and Sonu Bala-Treasurer
    12. Yogesh Sharma and Ravinder Kaur-Joint Treasurer

  • Trainer and  Selectors

    1. Gatka (Sikh Martial Art) : Dr. B.S. Boparai
    2. Hockey : Shivani Saini, Dr. B.S. Boparai
    3. Badminton : Dr.Vivek Sharma, Dr.Pardeep Singh Cheema, ,Rajinder Singh, Dhawan Thakur, Jasmeet Singh, Puneet Negi.
    4. Cricket : Jasmeet Singh, Dr.Pardeep Singh Cheema, Rajinder Singh, Sanjeev kumar, Puneet Negi, Libin Joseph.
    5. Atheletics : Shivani Saini, Jasmeet Singh, Dr. Manpreet Singh
    6. Foot Ball : Shivani Saini, Ravinderjit Singh
    7. Basket Ball : Shivani Saini, Ravinderjit Singh, Vidhi
    8. Volly Ball : Shivani Saini, Dr. Puneet Negi, Dr. Vivek Sharma, Ravinderjit Singh, Sumanpreet Kaur
    9. Table Tennis : Dr.Pardeep Singh Cheema , Dr.Vinod Sangwan
    10. Lawn Tennis: Dr.Shilpa